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cross sector intersection

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cross sectoral intersection & balanced decision making

It ain't easy blogging every day. Jeeez this is going to be a hard act to sustain.Well here goes...
Perhaps someday I will be able to take decisions that are more balanced by factoring in shareholder, customer, employee and societal considerations simultaneously....It will be good to be a player at the intersection set of business, governemnt, politics and civil society. To deal with investment promotion boards, capital market institutions, industry groups, senior bureaucrats, labor unions and the media.....But how does one get to stop being a general manager and be a deep generalist???
I believe that the Private Sector needs to work hand in hand with Public Authority to shape policy making and develop appropriate norms for the economic development of the country. While Government is still responsible for creating the right frameworks in regulation, tax policy and market based initiatives to support Business's efforts, folk's in Business, can in turn contribute crucial financial, technical and managerial resources to meet the country's challenges. So how can one contribute in full measure to formulate 'true' Private Public sector partnerships??.
Even though I am no stranger to the relationship between Government and Business I do feel that my knowledge of Government and the Public Sector is relatively limited. The distinctions between the Private and the Public sector are fast morphing . I bet people are often required to make strategic and financial decisions where they need to weigh externalities, manage State intervention, represent Industry viewpoint and influence changes in Government policy. It is becoming increasingly critical for us in the Private Sector to develop a deeper understanding of Government and the functioning of the Public Sector.
How can one influence India's Private Sector to redefine its role in the neglected process of nation building. Given the enormity of challenges our country faces and the paucity of resources and talent in Government these days, I am beginning to see an expansive view of what Business and Government can together achieve. In doing so, I advocate a broader and more proactive social economic political role for business leadership.
How can one acquire insights that will enhance one's abilities to build greater collaboration and consensus on complex issues between India's elected Politicians, Regulators, Public Sector leaders and people in the Private Sector??. These days, I truly believe, scale can only be achieved and economic exclusion addressed through an 'enabling environment' in which Government of India, international and domestic institutions, the political leadership and business people play their respective vital roles.How does one synchronize all these players to play in tandem?
I am still looking for a platform to become more cognizant of my ethical, managerial, community related as well as economic responsibilities as a business leader. I am still trying to develop theoretical, analytical and more importantly real world insights into the interplay between politics, institutions, policy formulation frameworks and governance in general. Time is fleeting...To win the hearts and respect of those around me and provide leadership I myself need to learn more. How can I provide the leadership needed to change organizations, cultures and people??. What will equip me with the tools, methods and frameworks to dig deeper to understand, preempt and respond to the forces that influence business, politics and society?? Are these just my own demons?
In 2006 I intend to focus more attention to ongoing activities in the area of Privatization and Divestment including (a) quantitative and qualitative analysis and policy oriented studies on the role of regulation, deregulation and privatization in the context of economic reforms in emerging economies such as India's (b) studies on the role of the firm, creation of efficient markets and issues that arise from incidence of market failure and (c) approaches to bringing structural improvements in small and medium enterprises as well as the organization of Industry at a national level.
After that? Well life is a state of striving:)


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